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Rubber Resistance Bands

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Rock out with the band! The resistance loop Bands, aka giant rubber bands, or Elastic loop band set is all that you need for a perfect workout at the comfort of your home. The band set is an ideal companion for fitness, sports, weight-loss workout, yoga, Pilate, body shaping or physical therapy, and injury rehabilitation.

This resistance bands is a perfect addition to any type of strength training routine or rehabilitation program. Variety of resistance levels available to suit your exercise needs.

If you have ever found yourself struggling to drive to the gym because you are too tired, busy with your work, or simply stranded at home, Resistance Band set provides you the perfect tool to turn your home or office into a gym.

Band is made with a natural latex material having great flexibility and strength. Strict quality control ensures that the Resistance band set is safe to use. 

Resistance loop bands are portable and easy to store, which makes them perfect for home use, hotel or office workouts, or making the most of a small space at the gym.

Similar to free weights, exercise bands also come in a range of resistance levels starting from 10 lbs to 40 lbs.

A true "no-brainer" for any health-conscious individual.

The Resistance band set allows slow and fluid movements in multiple directions. Unlike traditional weights that only provide resistance due to gravity pulling own your muscles only in one direction, Resistance bands can be used in different directions to cater exercise for all types of muscles. Perfect muscle builder for your arms, legs, back, chest, and glutes.