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Fitness Hanging Suspension Trainer Elastic Straps

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The Suspension Trainer Kit helps you create intense full-body workouts anytime, anywhere!

Features: Suspension anchors, ergonomic suspension strap handles and locking carabiner.

Empowers you to achieve your fitness goals at home or away! Easy core strengthening exercises that quickly build muscle, burn fat, increase endurance and improve flexibility, helping you take full control of your health and well-being. Build muscle, burn fat, strengthen your core, increase your endurance and improve your flexibility.

Anchors to any door, rafter, beam, tree or post in seconds that supports 350 lbs. Lightweight and affordable. Allows you to train at home or outdoors.

You don't need weights, bars or other specialized fitness equipment to help you achieve your dream body! Invigorate the way you look, feel, and think while saving time and money!